New Project to Bolster Ethiopia’s Effort to Digitize Agri Sector

ADDIS ABABA – A new digitization project to improve the productivity and digital transformation of Ethiopia’s agriculture sector was launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Thursday.

The project, namely ‘Global Network of Digital Agriculture Innovation Hubs,’ was set in motion during an workshop held in Adama City.

The UN agency is implementing the three-year project in collaboration with Ethiopia’s Agriculture and Finance Ministries.

Germame Garuma, the Extension Director-General at the Ministry of Agriculture, said the new project would enhance the efforts to advance the digitization of Ethiopia’s agriculture sector.

“We are launching this project at a time when the Government of Ethiopia has embraced digital services in the Ministry of Agriculture, ” he added.

The project is part of a broader Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism Global program also being implemented in Dominica, Grenada, and Morocco.

It aims to contribute to the digital transformation of agri-food systems, increasing productivity, managing climate risks, and diversifying rural economies.

Specifically, the UN agency said the project eyes the creation of a national innovation hub model “to spearhead digital innovation programs in agriculture that meet local needs”.

FAO’s Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism finances the project to a tune of one million USD , of which $210 000 is allocated for Ethiopia.

While implementing the new project in Ethiopia, Pie Njinginya, FAO’s Agribusiness specialist said FAO “is building synergies with other ongoing initiatives.”

These include “the Hand–in–Hand Initiative; the support to the Ministry of Agriculture to promote Information, Communication and Technology tools for improved access to market information, and also partnership with International Finance corporation to improve credit management through digital solutions”, according to the specialist.


Photo caption: The project will accelerate the development and uptake of digital innovations and support farmers and value chain actors, especially youth and women, to be more competitive. [Photo FAO]

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