Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Support School Reconstruction Push

ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of education has joined Ethio telecom to launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance its school reconstruction push in several parts of Ethiopia.

The campaign started on Thursday after Education Minister Berhanu Nega and CEO of Ethio Telecom Frehiwot Tamiru signed a memorandum of understanding.

“we are pleased to join the MoE campaign aimed at the reconstruction of schools recently destroyed by the war and get students back to school,” said Ethio Telecom.

“Hence, we would kindly call upon our esteemed customers to join the fundraising campaign by sending any amount to SMS 9222, via telebirr App or dialling on *127# and entering 9222 as a merchant number,” it said.

Similarly, the telecom firm said overseas donors can contribute via telebirr international remittance number 993161616.

Over 100 billion birr is needed to fully restore schools wracked by the terrorist-designated TPLF Group and other conflicts in various parts of the country, education officials estimate.

Over 1,200 schools have been fully destroyed due to the war and conflicts in several parts of the country while three universities in the Amhara Region have been fully and partially damaged by the TPLF aggression, according to the ministry of education.

The conflict inflicted by the TPLF alone has left more than 3 million students out of schools, according to the ministry.

The Ministry has so far mobilized more than $130 million from partners during the past six months, its officials said.