Addis Ababa Bags 31.4 Billion Birr in Revenues

ADDIS ABABA — Addis Ababa has collected 31.4 billion birr in tax and other revenues in the first half of the current fiscal year, achieving 118 percent of its target, bureau says.

The figure has shown a 26.5% (or close to 5bln birr) increase as compared to the amount collected in the same period last year, said the city’s Revenues Bureau.

The bureau planned to collect a total of 20.8 billion birr from direct taxes and additional 5.7 billion birr from indirect taxes in the first half of the 2021/22 fiscal year.

And it managed to amass 23.73 billion birr and 7.2 billion birr from direct and indirect taxes, respectively, said Mulugeta Tefera, head of the Addis Ababa Revenues bureau, during a press breifing on Friday.

Other municipal and external sources were able to generate additional 469 million birr revenue to the administration.

At least 95% of taxpayers in the city were able to declare their income and pay their taxes on time, said Mulugeta.

Doing that in what has been challenging times for the country demonstrates their loyalty and patriotism, he added.

The city has more than 418,000 registered taxpayers, according to recent media reports. Out of them, about 74,000 are under the largest taxpayers group or category A while close to 46,000 taxpayers fall under category B or medium taxpayers. The remaining 298, 964 taxpayers are category C or small taxpayers.

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