Ethiopians Abroad Remitted $1.64 Billion in Five-Month, says Agency

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopians living abroad have sent more than $1.64 billion home in the first five months of the current budget year.

The amount has been remitted using legal channels, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency (EDA) told a state-run News Agency (ENA) on Thursday.

The country targets to get at least $4 billion through remittance in the 2021/22 fiscal year.

In the same period, the agency also said at least 399 Ethiopians Diaspora have expressed to invest in their country with a total capital of 22.4 billion birr.

Apart from the remittance received, Ethiopians living outside Ethiopia have made a significant amount of support to their country.

The Agency also said the diaspora community has so far contributed over 400 million birr in support of displaced People in Ethiopia.

The contributions were made via EyezonEthiopia, a gift-based crowdfunding platform, and Ethiopian missions located in the countries they reside in.

It has been nearly two months since the EyezonEthiopia platform was launched.

To date, it has collected 256.9 ($3.5 million) contributions from the diaspora community, according to the agency.

The figure is in addition to the 103 million birr worth in kind and cash contribution they made to the Ethiopian National Defence Force.

Dine for Ethiopia, an initiative launched by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in August last year to mobilize funds for the Koysha, Wonchi and Gorgora projects have received 29.1 million support from the diaspora community, said the Agency.