China Stands against Any Interference in Ethiopia’s Internal Affairs, FM Yi says

ADDIS ABABA – China stands against any interference on Ethiopia’s internal affairs, its Foreign Affairs who is on an official visit here said on Wednesday.

China’s State Councilor and FM Wang Yi arrived at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport where he was warmly welcomed by Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia.

His visit came a day after the government of Ethiopia asked some western countries to stop “fear and panic mongering” about the security situation in Ethiopia in general and its capital in particular.

In a joint press briefing he gave along with Demeke, FM Yi said his visit to Addis Ababa today demonstrates China’s confidence in Ethiopia and its support for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed administration.

“China stands against any attempt to interfere in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia” since Ethiopians have the wisdom of solving their problems and stabilize situations by themselves, he said.

The Ethiopian FM Demeke, on his part, expressed his delight to welcome his Chinese counterpart Yi to Addis Ababa where everything is safe and the situation in the country remains calm and under control.

Demeke also appreciated the principled and consistent friendship of China with the people and government of Ethiopia while appreciating the strong commitment China has shown to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

Bilateral Talks

Following the preess brefing, the two FMs held discussion during which Demeke thanked Yi for making time to visit Addis Ababa disregarding “he unfounded rhetoric on the deteriorating security situations in the country and the siege of the capital city by terrorist forces”.

The visit shows solidarity and reflects the true depth and strength of the political trust and strategic partnership between the two countries, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Demeke also applauded the long-standing relations and cordial friendship that Ethiopia and China have continued to enjoy by respecting equality, mutual interest, and trust between the two countries.

Demeke’s update on current Situation

During their discussion, Demeke has spoken in detail on the destruction of lives and property due to the belligerent attitude of the TPLF, according to Ministry of Foreign affairs (MoFA).

He said the TPLF demonstrated its indifference to peace efforts while refusing to reciprocate the Ethiopian government’s declaration of the Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire last June.

“We have continued supporting the peace initiatives of Olusegun Obasanjo, which is being held under the auspices of the African Union,” he said adding that the government of Ethiopia “stands ready to extend its peace overtures in giving a peaceful resolution to the ongoing problem”.

Demeke also added, despite all the anti-government moves and thanks to the support of friends, the situation in Ethiopia on the ground “is now promising”.

On the day the Chinese FM started his visit, the federal and regional forces of Amhara regional forces have managed to liberate several Towns and key areas from the TPLF forces.

“The enemy is on its back foot following the decision of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to join the battlefronts,” Demeke said.

‘It takes two hands to…’

Foreign Minister Yi, on his part, said China, as a friendly country, is closely following the situation in Ethiopia and opposes attempts by external forces to impose their political interest in the domestic affairs of Ethiopia.

“It takes two hands to clap,” he said, indicating that the TPLF should have accepted the peace overtures extended by the Ethiopian government.

Yi said China has confidence in the capability of the Ethiopian government to take things under control and protect all Ethiopians and Chinese citizens residing in the East African nation.

“China’s confidence in the government of Ethiopia to stabilize situations in the country is demonstrated through my visit to Ethiopia today and China’s restraint from blindly accepting the alarmist calls of the evacuation of citizens from Addis Ababa,” he added.

‘More Commitment’

The discussion between the two sides has also touched upon the outcome of the FOCAC Ministerial Conference held in Dakar where Demeke reaffirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to the success of FOCAC and bilateral activities and China pledged a billion more Covid-19 vaccine, among other things, to African nations.

Demeke also raised the need for more cooperation in financing post-COVID-19 recovery programs extending his appreciation of China’s considerations of debt reliefs in favour of Ethiopia.

In Addis Ababa, Chinese FM expressed Beijing’s commitment to further engage in investment, trade, capacity building, and development cooperation with Ethiopia, in addition to boosting support to combating the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yi finally said that the relationship between China and Ethiopia is and will remain to be solid and unbreakable, according to MoFA.



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