Electric Power Export Generates $23 Million in three Months

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has secured $23 million Dollars after exporting 423 megawatts (MW) of electric power to Djibouti and Sudan in the past three months, a state-run electric producer said.

Ethiopia exported 263.7 MW of electricity to Sudan and earned $13.18 million while the 159.6 MW sent to Djibouti generated the remaining $9.76 million.

Last year, the country obtained a total of $90 million revenue in total from electric energy export to the two countries, according to the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

Speaking to state-run news agency ENA, spokesperson of EEP Moges Mokenen said the electric export trade has helped to enhance the nation’s economic relations with neighboring countries in addition to generating foreign currency.

Apart from Sudan and Djibouti, Moges said preparations to export electric power to Kenya have almost been concluded.

The country is also in the process of establishing bilateral relations with Somaliland, Somalia, Tanzania, Eritrea, South Sudan, and other African countries for electric power, according to EEP.

Ethiopia is currently generating 4,500MW of electric power and is expected to exponentially increase to 17,000MW in 10 years.