PM Abiy: “When We Stand Together, We Can Overcome Anything”

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s Prime minister Abiy Ahmed has today urged all Ethiopians to stand united to overcome the challenges his country faces from both within and outside the country.

The Prime Minister said in a message to the public on a day millions of Ethiopians rallies across the nation in support of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) and denounced the terrorist TPLF.

The people held the demonstrations in cities and towns of the county, including Addis Ababa, Jigjiga, Arba Minch, Asela, Harer, Ambo, Worabe and Assossa as well as west Guji Zone, denouncing terrorist groups of TPLF, Shane and their enablers for their evil push to dismantle Ethiopia.

The demonstrators have called on the international community to refrain from destructive acts that exacerbate the situation.

In his brief statement posted on twitter, Prime Minister Abiy’s message was focused on what Ethiopians can do to protect their country.

“Ethiopia our beauty is in our unity. When we stand together, we can overcome anything,” the said.

“We  stand on the shoulders of our ancestors that paid great sacrifices for us and today we stand committed to laying a solid foundation for generations to come,” he added.

Rally Rejects External Pressure

The Rally in Addis Ababa took place on Sunday afternoon [Photo FB/ENA]
Speaking at the rally in the capital where hundreds of thousands attended in support of the national call made by the government to defend Ethiopia, Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abiebie said the external pressures to deprive the freedom, dignity and sovereignty of Ethiopians will never be acceptable.

The Mayor said the purpose of the ongoing external pressures including the economic sanctions is to force Ethiopians to kneel down to external interests.

However, Ethiopians will never exchange their freedom, national pride and sovereignty for any kind of aid, she said.

Instead, she continued, citizens will stand together to resist the ongoing unjust pressures by working hard to fight against poverty, noting that the people of Ethiopia prefer to live in poverty than give up their national dignity.

“Ethiopians are now expressing their readiness to sacrifice the utmost cost in order to reverse attempts being carried out by external forces to deprive their freedom, dignity and sovereignty using several strategies including economic sanctions,” the mayor added.

She further pointed out that Ethiopians will never be terrorized with the falsely fabricated lies and propaganda being disseminated through foreign media in favor of terrorist groups to destabilize Ethiopia.

During their rally in Addis Ababa, demonstrators chanted slogans protesting foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs, the inhuman acts being orchestrated by the terrorist groups and their allies on innocent people. They also expressed their disappointment over the disinformation and misinformation campaign lodged against the East African nation by some the international media.