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Ann Getaneh Awarded Officer of Order of Star of Italy

ADDIS ABABA – Anna Getaneh,a former acclaimed international model, a humanitarian and cultural entrepreneur, received the honor of Officer of the Order of the Star of Italy.

“Mrs Anna Getaneh, supermodel, friend and founder of the fashion design company African Mosaique, has been honored today by the Ambassador of Italy, on behalf of the Italian President of the Republic, as Officer of the Order of the Star,” announced the Embassy of Italy to Ethiopia in a brief statement on Tuesday.

The Embassy also said the president bestowed the award upon Anna “for actively promoting friendship and solid bonds between Italy and Ethiopia”.

Anna has worked across the globe including Europe for many years, where she had a successful international modeling career.

She is the creative director and founder of African Mosaique, a Johannesburg-based international enterprise that manufactures and promotes high-end African inspired clothing and accessories.

The Order of the Star of Italy she was awarded today is an honor granted by the President of the Republic on the proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The award honors those who have acquired special merits in the promotion of relations of friendship and cooperation between Italy and other countries and in the promotion of ties with Italy.