Parliament Approves Abiy’s New Cabinet

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s parliament has voted to approve members of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s new cabinet in its first extraordinary session.   

Abiy announced his Cabinet’s picks which involves leaders of three opposition parties. These include  Prof. Birhanu Nega of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice [Ezema], Merdassa  Tulu of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and Belelte Molla of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA).

The PM said the new cabinet has included leaders of opposition parties as per the his party’s pledge to involve them in the formation of the new government.

Other criteria include experience, capacity, desire to serve the public, religion and religious parity, he added.

After a long deliberation, the parliament approved the new council of ministers with a majority vote.

His new cabinet includes,

– Deputy Prime Minister and foreign Minister of Ethiopia – Demeke Mekonnen

– Minister of Defense – Dr. Abrham Berhe

– Minister of Finance – Ahmed Shide

– Minister of Job and Skills – Muferiat Kamil

– Minister of Agriculture – Omer Husen

– Minister of Irrigation and Lowland Development – Aisha Mohammed

– Minister of Water and Energy – Habtamu Itefa

– Minister of Education – Birhanu Nega

– Minister of Transport and Logistics – Dagmawit Moges

– Minister of Trade and Regional Integrity – Geberemeskel Challa

– Minister of Peace – Binalf Andualem

– Minister of Justice – Gedion Timothewos

– Ministry of Industry – Melaku Alebel

– Minister of Health -Lia Tadesse

– Ministry of Innovation and Technology -Belete Molla

– Minister of Revenues -La’qe Ayalew

– Minister of Tourism – Nasisse Chalie

– Minister of Urban and infrastructural Development – Chaltu Sane

– Minister of Mines – Takele Uma

– Planning and Development Minister – Fitsum Assefa

– Minister of Women and Social Affairs – Ergoge Tesfaye

– Minister of Culture and Sport – Kejella Merdassa

Prior to their approval, Abiy urged members of his cabinet to dedicate themselves in tackling poverty and corruption

“The country couldn’t hold their heads high unless we can get rid of these two things,” the PM said.