South Sudan ‘Can’t Allow its Territory to be used against Ethiopia’

ADDIS ABABA – South Sudan can not allow its territory to be used against Ethiopia, says Interior Minister Paul Mayom Akec on Sunday.

The minister said this during a discussion he held with Ethiopian Ambassador to South Sudan, Nebil Mahdi, on bilateral and regional issues, says the ministry of foreign affairs in a statement issued today.

In the meeting, Ambassador Nebil expressed his congratulations to the Transitional Government on the inauguration of R-TNLA and the Council of States of South Sudan.

At the occasion, the ambassador noted that the people of the two countries have deep rooted historical ties which extend beyond regimes and personalities.

Ambassador Nebil briefed the Minister about the major reforms that the Ethiopian government went through.

Nebil also explained to the interior minister about the recent development about the security citation in northern Ethiopia.

He informed the Minister about TPLF’s usual provocations by invading the Afar and Amhara regional states thereby displacing hundreds of thousands of people, massacring civilians and destroying public infrastructures, according to the statement.

South Sudan’s Interior Minister Akec on his part alluded to the considerable support Ethiopia provided to the cause of the South Sudanese people, and pointed out that the relationship between Ethiopia and South Sudan is based on strong cultural and historical values of the people of both countries.

The minister commended Prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s inclusive reform agendas in Ethiopia. He said that the TPLF used to claim to be progressive while it was in power, but it was unfortunate that the group proved to be localist and separatist, according to the statement.

Akec said that the Tigray issue is an internal Ethiopian issue and stressed that invisible hands try to use this group as an agent in exacerbating the instabilities in the Horn of Africa region and this need to be addressed diplomatically through regional platforms.

He said that regime change in the name of national dialogue is not acceptable, and reiterated that South Sudan can’t allow its territory to be used against the interests of Ethiopia, says the ministry of foreign affairs.


The two sides have also discussed the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the use of the River Nile.

Ambassador Nebil briefed the Interior Minister of South Sudan on the tripartite talks over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

He also explained Ethiopia’s position of using the water equitably and without causing significant harm to other riparian states, according to the Foreign Ministry’s statement.

Speaking on the issue, Minister Akec pointed out that it is improper to rely on colonial agreements which other riparian countries were not party to.

He also stated that the Nile riparian States need to utilize these waters for the common development, the statement concludes.

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