Ethiopia Records Highest Daily Covid-19 Death toll since June 18

ADDIS ABABA – At least eleven Ethiopians have died due to health complications related to the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) on Saturday, a report from the Ministry of health reveals.

The figure is the highest the country has recorded in a single day since June 18, during which the ministry reported 14 Covid-19 deaths.

The severe acute respiratory disease has claimed the lives of 4, 471 people since the country recorded its first Covid-19 death on April 15, 2020.

Increase in active cases tally

On Saturday, the Ministry of health’s report claims Ethiopia has recorded at least 629 new cases of the Coronavirus cases after testing a total of 5, 647 people.

The newly reported infection figure has pushed the total number of active cases in the country to exceed 19, 000 mark.

At least 391 of these patients are severely ill and are following medical treatments in Covid-19 hospitals, according to the report.

The rise in the active cases tally is also related to low level of recovery in the country, whose health Ministry reported only 109 patients recuperated from the disease on Saturday.

Ethiopia, which registered its first Covid-19 infection in March, 2020, has conducted nearly 3.11mln tests to confirm a total of 288, 788 cases.

The country has been carrying out a national immunization campaign since mid March 2021 as part of their response to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, there were zero vaccination on Saturday as per the Ministry’s report for the day with the total number of vaccine doses offered, so far, remaining at close to 2.3mln.