Logistics Improvement Saved 1.5bln Birr, says Dagmawit

ADDIS ABABA – The measures taken to improve the logistics services during the concluded budget year have helped save 1.5 billion Birr, said Ministry of Transport.

Authorities establish a National Logistics Council  earlier this year to improve the challenges in the sector, which plays a significant role in lifting the country out of poverty.

Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges told ENA that exports costed the country huge amount of foreign currency as they were sealed in containers at ports.

She added that the unnecessary cost is now reduced because almost 90 percent sealing of goods has been made within the country.

Furthermore, the minister pointed out that works have been underway to upgrade the Dikil-Dagur 100 km road, which is part of the Djibouti-Galafi road.

As part of the logistics service improvement, some 47 equipment for dry ports were bought in the concluded year thereby playing significant role in enhancing services.

According to Dagmawit, the duration of a docked ship on port which used to be 33 days on average has gone down to 11 days contributing to cost reduction.