GERD will be a source of Cooperation among Nile Countries, says PM Abiy

ADDIS ABABA Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Thursday that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam would be a source of cooperation for the Nile River Riparian countries, including the downstream states.

In a message written today in Arabic on his Twitter page, the Prime Minister noted Ethiopia’s successful completion of the second filling of the Dam’s reservoir as per the scheduled time.

Prime Minister Abiy highlighted that Ethiopia conducted the filling of the dam in a way that does not significantly harm the downstream countries.

The process regulated the water flow deterring flooding, he said.

The filling of the dam would never significantly harm the downstream countries, the PM said, underscoring that it would be a source of cooperation among riparian countries, he added.

Ethiopia has completed the filling of the dam’s reservoir on the Blue Nile river on Monday.

Sudan, one of the two main opponents of the second-round filling, said no drop in the water level of the Blue Nile has been detected during the filling process.

“Since April, Al-Daim station on the border with Ethiopia has not monitored any drop in the daily level of the water coming from the Ethiopian Plateau to Sudan,” Hamid Mohamed Ali, director of Sudan’s Al-Rusaires Dam, said in a statement on Sunday, according to Xinhua.

“Although Ethiopia started the second filling of the GERD, yet the daily water amounts are stable,” he noted.
The multi-billion dollar Dam has currently stored 13.5 billion cubic meters of water, swelling its reservoir to 18.4 billion cubic meters.

“The next milestone for GERD construction is to realize the early generation in the next few months,” said Seleshi Bekele, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy of Ethiopia.

The filled process was completed within a few weeks as a result of the extreme rainfall in the Abbay Basin (Blue Nile Basin).