Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Man Convicted of Killing Hachalu

ADDIS ABABA – Federal prosocuters are seeking death penalty for a man  convicted of killing Artist Hachalu Hundesa.

Early July, the Federal high court Lideta branch anti- terrorism and constitutional second bench found a man named Tilahun Yami, first defendant on the file,  guilty of violating anti-terrorisom proclamation 1176/2012 Article 3.

The court also found the other two defendants on the same file, Kebede Gemechu and Abdi Alemayehu  guilty of violating 540 and 443/1 penal codes, respectively, before adjoining until Thursday, 15th of July.

During Thursday’s court hearing, federal prosecutors filed a motion seeking death penalty against Tilahun.

The prosecutors justified the motion saying that he has two prior criminal records, the Federal Attorney General office said in a statement issued after Thursday’s session.

He, however, failed to contend the proposed penalty or appeal to seek for lighter sentence.
The court gave Tilahun and Co until the sentencing day if they have any say, said the statement.

They are scheduled for a sentencing hearing on July 27, 2021.

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