Ruling Prosperity Party Wins Ethiopian Elections 2021

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party declared as winner as National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) disclosed results of the polling for parliamentary and regional states Council seats.

The results of the elections were announced on Saturday – almost three weeks after Ethiopia concluded voting on June 21.

The board deputy chairperson Woubshet Ayele said the Prosperity Party has secured 410 of 436 parliamentary seats in the elections last month.

The election was the first test of voter support for Abiy, who came to power after promising political and economic reforms when appointed as prime minister by the then governing coalition in 2018.

The number of seats secured by the newly formed Prosperity Party has secured Abiy Ahmed another term in the prime minister office.

Region Specific Results

The Electoral Board results shows Abiy’s Party has managed to get either all or the majority votes in seven regional states and two city administrations where the elections took place last month.

The ruling party won all but one of the 22 parliamentary seats in Addis Ababa city administration. An independent candidate secured 1 seat. Prosperity also secured all 138 seats of the council of the city administration.

In Afar Region, the PP won 6 parliamentary seats while securing 51 regional council seats. Argoba People Democratic party won three seats at the council. Votes in five constituencies are subject to recount while a new vote will be held in one election constituency.

The party also attained 114 parliamentary seats in Amhara region while National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) won in 5 seats.

NaMA secured 13 seats at the regional council but the majority of seats there has been taken by the PP that won 128 seats. The Electoral board said it will hold a new poll five election constituencies.

In Benishangul-Gumuz Region, PP won 3 parliamentary seats. The Party also won 22 seats at the regional council.

Prosperity party also won 1 parliamentary seat out the two reserved for Dire Dawa city administration, and 22 seats of the city council. NEBE decided to hold a new vote for one election constituency while votes will be recounted for another one.

The PP won 3 parliamentary and 149 regional council seats in Gambella region. Gambella People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM) secured 7 seats at the regional council.

From the total 170 constituencies in Oromia Region, PP won 167 seats while three independent candidates claimed the remaining 3 seats. Abiy’s party also secured a major win in the vote for the regional council and won 513 seats.

Prosperity Party also won all 19 parliamentary and 190 regional council seats in the Sidama region.

In the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP) region, Prosperity won 75 parliamentary seats while Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA) secured four. The remaining two have been won by the Gedio People Democratic Organization (GPDO).

PP also won the most in the election for regional council after securing 245 seats. EZEMA and GPDO secured 10 and 6 seats of the regional council, respectively, while the remaining three seats will be subject of recount, according to the electoral board.

Re-scheduled Votes

The electoral board will hold the second round voting in the Harar and Somali regions in September after elections there were delayed over security concerns and problems with ballot papers.

No date has been set for voting in Tigray, where the federal government took a law enforcement operation in November.

The Chairperson of NEBE Birtukan Mideksa said that the election conducted in a number of challenges. However, the process has taught Ethiopians that the nation can hold peaceful and democratic elections, she said.

Abiy Gratitude

Hours after the election results were announced, Prime Minister Abiy issued a statement that expressed gratitude to Ethiopians and appreciated the electoral process.

Abiy also thanked leaders and members of political parties that were involved in the June 21 vote despite various challenges.

He hailed the June 21 vote as the country’s first free and fair election after decades of repressive rule.

The election’s credibility is unprecedented as various actors including the media, civil societies, Human Rights Commission and courts transparently monitored the voting process, according to the PM.

The PM pledged that his party committed to serve the public diligently focusing on issues including in building capable institutions, creating national consensus and common vision among the people.