Microsoft, Local Firms Partner to Launch Virtual SkillsLab in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – As part of its effort to build digital skills capacity in Africa, Microsoft 4Afrika has partnered with Pan-African EdTech company and talent marketplace Gebeya Inc. and the Technology and Innovation Institute (TechIn) to launch its first virtual SkillsLab in Ethiopia.

The SkillsLab program will develop the digital skills, coding capabilities and workplace readiness of young university graduates.

Microsoft 4Afrika and its partners intend to provide apprenticeship-based training to 200 African software engineers through SkillLab, where they will work with experienced software engineers over the course of up to six months.

“Outpacing the rate of change driven by emerging technologies, there is a need for nimble and continued learning opportunities that can derive tangible benefits” said Amrote Abdella, Regional Director of Microsoft 4Afrika.

“Through its skilling initiatives Microsoft aims to address these challenges by skilling and upskilling individuals to adequately seize these opportunities.”

After graduating from the program, the local partners say apprentices have priority access to jobs through the Microsoft Partner Network, in addition to equipping them with the know-how to become successful entrepreneurs.

To date, the 4Afrika initiative has produced 2,073 graduates from 19 SkillsLabs across the continent, with an 85% employment rate achieved within three months of graduating.

“We are excited to be working with Microsoft to introduce this new version of the already previously successful SkillsLab program” in Ethiopia, said Amadou Daffe, CEO and Co-Founder of Gebeya.

The SkillsLab will focus on providing students with hands-on practice through 30 hours a week of training and mentoring on industry-based online courses and cloud-based product knowledge where students will earn Microsoft certification.

If you are a fresh or unemployed graduate, or even a final-year university student, who wants to participate in the program and gain world-class certification, you can apply here.

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