S. Korea Supports Agricultural Value Chain Devt in Amhara Region

ADDIS ABABA – South Korea’s International Cooperation agency, KOICA, said it has launched a $10 million dollar project that aims to improve the value chain development in Ethiopia’s agriculture sector.

The project – launched in collaboration with the ministry of agriculture – targets to link up small holder farmers with industries in a bid to reinforce the value chain and accelerate rural economy.

It has a key role of linking smallholder farmers with industries housed under Bure Integrated Agro-Industrial Park and its subsidiary aggregation facility Motta Rural Transformation Center (RTC), the agency’s Ethiopia office said in a statement sent to EM.

With the support of the five-year project, it said farmers will be enabled to consistently supply raw material to the industries and further support the development of the agro-industry sector.

KOICA confirmed it has granted aid of no more than ten million US dollars to the project that started this year.

East Gojam Zone’s Motta RTC and surrounding 6 woredas or districts including Huletu eji enesy, Sede, Enebeseser midir, Enargi enawega, Goncha and Biwugn will be a target of the project.

The Agency said it has three key components with the first one being supporting the capacity building of post-harvest management of the districts.

This component, with a 1.5 million US dollars budget – will support the publishing of a manual targeting products like maize, wheat/barley, honey, and milk, among others.

“The second component with a budget of 4 million looks into enhancing the capacity of Unions in terms of their organizational and storage management of agricultural products as they are the key players within the value chain,” the agency said.

The last component, according to KOICA, relates with Master Plan Development for Motta RTC’s operation and equipment support, which is estimated to cost 4 million US Dollars.

The center is a newly established institution within the Integrated Agro Industrial Park (IAIP) structure.

KOICA has been actively engaged in various similar development cooperation programs in Ethiopia for the past 25 years.

Featured Image: Bure Integrated Agro-Industrial Park (IAIP) was inaugurated February, 2021