Grand Meskel Square-City Hall Project Inaugurated

ADDIS ABABA – Top government officials, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Deputy Mayor Adanech Abiebie, inaugurated the grand Meskel Square-Addis Ababa City Hall project on Sunday.

The renovation project, which is a part of the Beautifying Sheger initiative, cost a total of 2.6 billion Birr.

The renovation work has given a major facelift to Meskel Square, which has been the main public gathering space in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa for decades.

The project has equipped the gathering place with integrated facilities, including an underground parking space that accommodates 1,400 vehicles.

It has also enabled Meskel Square to accommodate more than half a million people for religious and public outdoor holidays including the Meskel-Demera Religious Festival which has already been inscribed by UNESCO as world’s intangible heritage.

Apart from the renovating the gathering space, the project has refurbished the 3.5km Churchill Avenue that stretches from Addis Ababa City Hall to Meskel Square, with spacious sidewalks and greenery areas.

Officials said the renovation project has boosted the metropolitan city with a stature befitting its name.

Speaking at the inaugural event, Prime Minister Abiy also said concerted work effort is key for change and vowed to make his country a beacon of prosperity.

“As Ethiopia served as a rising star in the decolonization of Africa, we will also make our nation a beacon of continental prosperity,” he added.

Individuals and institutions that contributed to successful completion of the project have been recognized on the occasion.