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Update: Ethio Telecom Expands 4G Network to 3 cities incl. Dire Dawa

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom has launched Long Term Evolution or 4G LTE advanced mobile service in three Eastern cities on Tuesday.

The network has covered Dire Dawa, Chiro and Aysha cities where high mobile data traffic has been observed.

The launch is another milestone of the accelerated deployment of Ethiopia’s 4G network, improving download speeds, network reliability and access to mobile broadband services for many consumers and businesses.

Prior to this launch, Ethio Telecom has established a 4G network in North-West Region and East-East Region within 2021, following the 4G launch in capital Addis Ababa one year earlier.

Given the reliability, high bandwidth and high-speed features of LTE Advanced services, the telecom Firm says the company expects the newly launched network “will enable and empower our customers to digitize their services, increase productivity and improve their experiences”.

The latest expansion of the network has increased the number of Ethiopian cities that are now equipped “with Huawei high performance equipment,” the Chinese firm said.

On the launch, Ethio Telecom’s CEO Firehiwot Tamiru appreciated strategic partner Huawei’s support for the realization of the project and “write the successful story”.

“This is another great achievement of our company,” she added.

Benjamin Hou, Vice president of Huawei Regional Office said “we have observed the fast development and great evolution of the telecom industry”.

“We hope that the launch of this LTE network helps the region in closing the digital divide and enjoy the fruits of the digital era,” Hou said.

Earlier this month, Huawei supported Ethio Telecom to begin Telebir service, which attracted 1 million subscribers within only 5 days of its launch.

[The update includes names of two cities, Chiro and Aysha, where the service was launched together with Dire Dawa on the day and a quote from Ethio Telecom]

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