Ministry Begins Renovating St. Paul’s Hospital’s Iconic Building

ADDIS ABABA – The renovation work of St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College has begun at a cost of 45 million Birr.

The renovation project of the hospital was launched on Monday in the presence of Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse.

“We visited St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College today to officially start a renovation project of the iconic almost 50 year old building of the hospital funded by the Ministry of Health to improve patient-centered care,” the minister said.

St Paul’s Millennium Medical College, as it is known today, was established through a decree of the Council of Ministers in 2010, although the medical school opened in 2007 and the hospital was established in 1968 by the late Emperor Haile Selassie.

Health officials are now pushing to increase the medical college’s services and capacity with a plan to install more wards including an oncology center.

On Tuesday, Dr. Lia visited the progress of the new Oncology, Cardiac, GI and Organ Transplant and ENT Centers currently under construction with 67% completion.

“These will enhance access to specialized services and increase the capacity of the hospital by 741 beds,” the Minister added.

Although the current inpatient capacity is more than 700 beds, the College’s website claims it sees an average of 1200 emergency and outpatient clients daily.