PM Abiy Ahmed Inaugurates Mojo-Meki-Batu Highway

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has inaugurated the Mojo-Meki and Meki-Batu roads, which are part of the 10,000 km long Trans-Africa highway, on Saturday.

The inaugurated roads cover a total of 92 km and is a part of the first phase of the Mojo-Hawassa expressway, whose construction estimated to cost 13.7 billion birr.

The prime minister declared the end of the first phase of Ethiopia’s contribution to Trans-Africa Highway after inaugurating the 92 km road on Saturday.

“Farmers can now create market linkages easily, and transportation services will be more efficient,” Abiy said.

“With the finalization of the project will come increase in the flow of tourism and strengthening of our industrial parks,” he said, adding that the completion of the highway will pave the way for Ethiopia’s economic, social and political integration across Africa.

The new road will be the connection the country will have with the 10,000Km Cairo- Gaborone-Cape Town highway and to alternative ports in the south route.

Ethiopia also sees the highway as a more option for its import-export trade by exploiting Kenya’s Lammu Port.