Govt issues last call for TPLF Officials to surrender

ADDIS ABABA – The ferderal government has issued on Friday a final call to senior TPLF military and political leaders, who are suspected of being involved in the illegal attacks and related crimes, to surrender peacefully to law enforcement agencies in Tigray region.

TPLF’s military and political leaders who surrender will save themselves from severe punishment and prevent misery of their people, the Prime Minister office said.

“However, to the senior military and political leaders of the TPLF who do not respond to this last call to bring themselves to justice, the government states in advance that all necessary measures will be taken to enforce the law,” it added.

With the exception of senior TPLF military and political leaders against whom arrest warrants has been issued, it said other citizens and natives of the region are called upon to return to their villages and homes within a week and join the community.

“In such a way, citizens that are natives of the region who decide to detach from the destructive group and refrain from engaging in destructive activities are asked to resume their normal lives and live peacefully without any legal liability,” it said.

The office said relevant security, administrative, and law enforcement agencies have been provided with the necessary resources to welcome and co-operate with these citizens.