Tigray Region hit by power blackout

ADDIS ABABA – Tigray region has been hit by a new an electricity blackout, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) said Wednesday, blaming the outage on “ruminants” forces of the ousted ruling party of the region.

In a brief press statement, the state utility firm said the “remnants” the party had attacked a Alamata-Mehoni-Mekele high-voltage line, “causing total electricity blackout in the region”.

The statement didn’t mention the date of the attack, carried out in an area called Adi Gudom.

“Our workers are will do their best to rehabilitate the damaged infrastructure and restore electricity in the region,” said EEP’s statement.

It was only few weeks since the EEP repaired the electric line after it was allegedly damaged by TPLF forces.

The state-owned electric producer incurred more than 329 million birr loss due to the damage, according to police’s investigation.


Featured Image: Similar attack a couple of months ago has caused power outage in the region [Photo EEP/File]