Kenya’s Strathmore Forges Partnership with Capital Business School

ADDIS ABABA – Strathmore Business School (SBS) has entered into a new partnership with Capital Business School (CBS), a new entrant to the education and training sector in Ethiopia.

CBS is a private business school run launched in Addis Ababa by Addis Business Consulting Plc in 2022 to “provide exceptional executive” education.

The Schools signed the partnership agreement with Kanya-based Strathmore Business School (SBS) on Friday in a bid to cater to corporate organizations in Ethiopia looking to get customized executive business training for their employees.

“Ethiopia is opening up very fast and now more than ever, we need our executives in Ethiopian organizations to be as sharp and polished as they need to be,”  said Addis Alemayehou, Chairman of Kazana Group and CBS.

SBS is the first university in Kenya to become ISO 9001:2000 certified and aims to develop top company executives.  

At the signing ceremony, Dr. George NJenga, the Dean of SBS, mentioned the need for regional collaboration in the whole of Africa in general and between Ethiopia and Kenya in particular. 

He has pointed out his commitment to replicate SBS’ success in Ethiopia in both the executive education and academic programs.

CBS’s business-to-business program delivers its trainings hybrid with both in-person and online sessions, and these courses include extensive use of case studies and discussion-based learning by Kenyan SBS.  

The reason for the expansion of this business school, CBS claims, “is the dearth of high-quality training” in a country where there are up to 22 banks, 18 insurance companies, more than 50 major state-owned enterprises with high earnings, more than 80 multinational companies and many companies are located in the capital and its regions. 

“These corporations are sending executives to get the much-needed courses abroad and now CBS will bridge that gap and deliver quality education right here in Ethiopia,” Capital Business School said.