U.S.’s New President ‘Comitted’ to Rebuild Partnership with African Union

ADDIS ABABA – The new President of the United States Joe Biden said his administration will stand ready to be Africa’s partner ahead of African Union’s 34th Summit.

His predecessor, Donald Trump, sparked a row in 2018 over his alleged use of the word “shithole” to describe African nations.

In a video remarks directed to the AU Summit, President Biden has sent his “best wishes” of the people of the U.S. ahead of the Summit which will begin in mid-Saturday.

“My administration is committed to rebuilding our partnerships around the world and re-engaging with international institutions like the African Union,” he said.

“We must all work together to advance our shared vision of a better future. A future of growing trade and investment that advances the prosperity of all our nations,” he continued. “A future that advances lives of peace and security for all our citizens”.

U.S. President Biden also promised to engage the AU in addressing “the serious challenges we face”.

The challenges include investing more in global health, defeating COVID-19 and working to prevent, detect, and respond to future public health crises as well as climate change, according to Biden.

“And engaging in sustained diplomacy, in concert with the African Union, to address conflicts that are costing lives across the African continent,” the U.S. President said. “None of it will be easy”.

“But the United States stands ready to be your partner,in solidarity, support,and mutual respect,” he added.