Generals Accused of Disrupting ENDF’s Communication System Appear in Court

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopian army generals including Major General Gebremedhin Fekadu have appeared in court today afternoon, state television reported.

The generals have been charged for allegedly conspiring with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces which carried out an attack on the army base in Tigray Region on Nov 4. They were arrested on Nov. 10 on suspicion of disrupting communications systems, exposing federal troops in Tigray to attack.

Police said these officers gave an order for communication between Northern Command post with the Central Army Communication office in Addis Abeba to be disconnected.

In addition, police said today they have found evidence that shows the officers gave several military communication equipment to TPLF forces illegally.

Police, which claims the investigation is still ongoing, have asked 14 more days for investgation as the case is more complex.

The suspects have denied their involvement in the mentioned crimes. Their lawyers on Tuesday said the charges brought against their clients are not specific and contested the police’s latest request.

The hearing has been adjourned until Thursday when the court will rule on granting a further 14-day extension requested by police for further investigation.

Apart from Major General Gebremedhin, Major General Yirdaw Gebremedhin, Brigadier General Gebrehiwot Sasuniyos, Brigadier General Ansu Yijajo, Brigadier General Fiseha Gebressilassie, Colonel Desalegn Abebe, and Colonial Eyasu Negash Tesema are among those charged in the same file.

Meanwhile, Four Colonels, who are suspected of collaborating with the TPLF forces to incite unrest in the country and disrupt Ethiopian troops in the peacekeeping mission in Somalia, appeared in court today.

Federal Police claimed that the suspects, Colonel Miruts Berhe, Colonel Gebremedhin Gebremeskel, Colonel Tesfaye Hagos and Colonel Mebrhatu Tedla have also attempted to incite the Ethiopian army stationed on a peacekeeping mission in Mogadishu to join the Tigray special forces.

They also tried to recruit former members of the National Defense Forces to prepare them for war in Tigray, after receiving orders from senior TPLF leaders and OLF Shene groups.

The court will continue to hear the case on January 1 after it has granted the additional 10 days request by the Police to gather more evidence.