UN Allocates $35.6 mln Aid for Civilians in Tigray

ADDIS ABEBA – The United Nations announced on Thursday a $35.6 million emergency aid package for civilians caught up in fighting in Tigray region.

The federal government conducted a three-week long military operation in Tigray last month after forces of the former ruling party of the region carried out a deadly attack on federal army bases in northern Ethiopia.

Weeks of fighting have forced at least 50,000 people to flee to neighboring Sudan, and many more are in need of humanitarian assistance, according to the UN.

In Ethiopia, the UN said it has allocated 13 million US dollars from its emergency fund.

It “will help health facilities get medicines, gloves and other supplies to care for the sick and injured, and fund nutrition, drinking water and shelter,” said the UN Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA).

Another $10.6 million is being disbursed to help these refugees in Sudan, said UN’s humanitarian aid coordinator, adding it “will prioritize life-saving assistance to refugees, including shelter, health care and drinking water”.

The emergency relief coordinator Mark Lowcock said the UN “need unfettered access” to provide aid in the region, where the uncooperative behavior of its staff angered the government.

Featured Image: The government is sending humanitarian and medical supports to the residents of the region [Photo MoP]

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