Govt to Trace Firearms via Digital Monitoring System

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia has developed a digital monitoring system that will help authorities control firearms movement in the country.

The digital system is a part government’s effort to implement the recently ratified Firearms Administration and Controlling Proclamation that aims to control illegal firearms trafficking and related activities, according to state-run news agency.

The digital firearms monitoring and controlling system will help to control illegal circulation of firearms in the country by registering the serial number of the weapons in a digitized system, said Peace Minister Muferiat Kamil while speaking at “African Amnesty Month” celebration event.

“Through this digital registration and monitoring system we will able to know the exact number of legalized weapons that are in use in the country so as to easily identify the illegal weapons,” she added.

According to her, digitalizing the firearms monitoring and controlling system is very necessary to modernize the overall peace and security protection in the country.

Using force to maintain peace is the sole responsibility of the government, she further noted, adding that the government will ensure peace and security of the nation by enforcing the Firearms Administration and Controlling Proclamation.

The minister stated that the government will also work with stakeholders on peace and security to maintain rule of law.

The month of September of each year till 2020 was declared as “Africa Amnesty Month” for the surrender and collection of illegally owned weapons or arms by the African Union.

Featured Image: A weapon captured by the police last year