Prominent Scholar & Activist Prof Mesfin Passes Away at age 90

ADDIS ABABA – Academic and Politician Professor Mesfin Woldemariam passed away at the age of 90 on Wednesday.

Prof Mesfin was an academic, author, politician, and human rights activist. The professor, a founding member of the Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRC), was a supporter of the peaceful struggle for change in politics and the state of human rights since Emperor Haile Selassie’s regime.

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed said he was “deeply saddened” at the passing of the Professor.

“I would like to extend my condolences to his family and friends,” said Abiy, who described him as a “believer of peaceful struggle and a person who stood up for what he believed in”

Mesfin was born in Addis Ababa on April 23, 1930. He attended Teferi Meknonen School and later won a scholarship in 1951 to study abroad to complete his education.

He went to London to receive his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Clarke University.

Upon his return, he served as a teacher at Empress Menen School for Girls and later joined Addis Ababa University to become a Geography lecturer.

Mesfin was also a senior Fulbright Scholar for various years.

The scholar wrote several books focused on social, political, economic, and historical phenomena in the country, besides the academic area. Ethiopian Geography and the controversial ‘Mekshef ende Ethiopia Tarik’ were among his famous books.

He was also a prolific commentator on newspapers and later on social media.

He is survived by two daughters – both medical doctors and a son.

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