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New Documentary Film Sheds Light on Ethiopia’s Elephant Crisis

ADDIS ABEBA – The new documentary film ‘Ethiopia’s Elephant Crisis,’ by journalist and filmmaker Antoine Lindley, brings to the forefront the challenges that Ethiopia faces in wildlife conservation, especially its efforts to save its endangered elephants.

Commissioned by Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority with support of UNDP and GEF, the 40-minute documentary film follows Lindley to some of the most remote parks of Ethiopia to tell the story of the challenges and conservation efforts to save what could be Ethiopia’s last elephants.

Since the 1980’s Ethiopia has lost 90% of its elephants.

Today, Ethiopia’s elephant population is estimated to be less than 1,900 and it is rapidly dropping due to poaching for ivory, habitat loss, and human-elephant conflicts.

Last June alone, six elephants have been killed in a single day in southern Ethiopia park.

“I made this film to give a voice for Ethiopia’s endangered elephants,” the filmmaker said. “It is one thing to read or hear about the challenges facing elephant conservation in Ethiopia, but to actually document it through film is a powerful visual tool that I hope will bring more awareness and solutions”.

The filmmaker claims his latest work not only weaves together an engaging storyline of wildlife survival and conservation efforts, it also displays captivating sweeping beautiful landscapes while taking viewers on an adventurous visual safari through Ethiopia’s dense riverine forests, woodlands, and lush green savannahs.

“Apart from storytelling, it was also important for me to take a cinematically sophisticated approach so that the viewers can feel like they were along on the journey,” Antoine said.

‘Ethiopia’s Elephant Crisis’ is set to be released on October 2, 2020, for domestic and international distribution.

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