Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor Appoints Officials

ADDIS ABABA – Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa city, Adanech Abiebie, has appointed on Tuesday eight officials to various posts in the city.

The appointment includes three advisors and two heads of sub-cities. Accordingly, the deputy mayor assigned,

– Mulugeta Tefera as Head of Revenues Bureau;

– Tefera Mola as Head of Labour and Social Affairs Bureau;

– Jemal Redi as CEO of Kirkos sub-city;

– Mekonnen Ambaye as CEO of Bole sub-city;

– Shisema Gebresilassie as Public Mobilization Advisor to the Mayor;

– Teteke Bekele as Organizational Structure Advisor to the Mayor;

– Tilahun Fekadu as Social Affairs Advisor to the Mayor;

and Yetnayet Mulugeta as Public Grievance and Complaint Office Head.

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