New Bottled Water Hits Market

ADDIS ABABA – Africa Water, a joint venture, has entered the booming bottled water sector of Ethiopia with an initial investment outlay of 700 million Br.

The company has already started producing Africa Natural Water a few weeks ago and now plans to inaugurate its plan on Saturday.

The locally-owned, the company built its water bottling plant in Holeta, 30km west of Addis Ababa.

It is purifying and packing 42,000 bottles of water per hour and could reach 66,000 bottles per hour within few months, said Lemi Tuja, general manager of the factory.

Africa Water entering into the market with 0.35 liters, 0.6 liters, one liter, two liters and 20 liters of bottled waters.

“We are not compromising our product’s quality as its production process involves no human touch which will keep its best total dissolved solids value,” Lemi told reporters on Friday.

Within a few weeks, the general manager said Africa Natural Water will reach more customers in various parts of the country.

But it will not be limited to the local market, he said, adding that his company, in the near future, will avail the bottled water in various Africa markets.

The company, in its first phases of the production line, employs 500 people. The firm plans to create job opportunities for over 2000 Ethiopians when it starts to operate at its full capacity, said Lemi.

The product has already obtained a conformity assessment certificate from the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise.

Lemi also revealed the company’s plan to start producing soft drinks and packaging juices with a target to reach more markets the South East Asian countries.

By Sisay Sahlu

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