AAU Makes Wearing Facemask in its Facilities Compulsory

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia’s oldest and biggest learning institution, Addis Abeba University (AAU), has banned entry into its all campus without wearing a facemask.

Almost all the campuses of the university are located in Ethiopia’s capital, where the majority of COVID-19 cases are reported.

In a letter issued to all heads of deans and directors, the president of the university Tassew Woldehana announced his office’s decision which aims to curb the speared of the virus among the communities of AAU.

Researchers suggest that wearing a face mask or other covering over the mouth and nose reduces the forward distance traveled by an exhaled breath by more than 90 percent.

Ethiopian authorities have been trying to implement a guideline to wear a facemask when in public places but many are yet to follow it.

The university has been encouraging workers and students there to wear masks, along with keeping physical distance and washing hands, as part of the AAU’s response to tackle the deadly virus.

“We are now observing that many are not following these guidelines despite the growing health risk the virus is posing,” said Professor Tassew in a latter.

The latter said, as of Monday, University has ordered workers, students, and others to wear facemask at any time within any of the AAU’s campuses.

The university outlawed any movement in the campuses or work in offices without a face covering.

According to the letter the university has obligated to make it mandatory to curb coronavirus outbreak in the university as the virus is rapidly spreading across the globe.

To date, Ethiopia reported more than 700 cases including six deaths.