Ethiopia’s Electoral Board Cancels Registration of 27 Political Parties

ADDIS ABABA – The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia announced it has canceled the registration of 27 political parties following their failure to submit documents based on the revised political parties’ registration law.

The board said late Friday that the decision was made after it informed at least 106 political parties to re-reregister themselves through a formal letter.

Seventy-six political parties have already submitted their documents that indicate numbers of their members, the signature of founding members, and so on.

The documents are currently under investigation by the board.

Twenty-nine parties, on the other hand, have failed to submit the necessary documents needed to get registration certificate.

Of these, fifteen parties asked for more time but only two – Ethiopian Democratic Party and Wolene Peoples’ Party – gave “satisfactory reasons” for the board to extend the registration period.

The registration of the other 13 political parties that failed to provide satisfactory reason has been canceled, the board announced.

The board also decided not to certify fourteen other political parties that submitted no document or communicated their decision to unite with other parties.

The parties that ask for more time but failed to give satisfactory reason are:

1. Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement

2. Gadaa System Advancement Party

3. Yem People’s Democratic Movement

4. Denta Dubama Kichinchila Democratic Organization

5. Ethiopia National Unity Congress

6. Tigre Werji People Democratic Organization

7. All Amhara People Organization

8. Ethiopian Unity Democratic Organization

9. All Amhara Peoples Party

10. Ethiopian Nationwide Movement

11. South Ethiopia Democratic Congress

12. Sheko People Democratic Organization

13. Liberty Peace for Ethiopia Unity Party

The 14 political parties that failed to submit a single document are;

1. YeEthiopia Raey Party

2. All Ethiopian Democratic Party

3. Congress of the People of Kampata

4. Hadiya National Democratic Organization

5. Omo People’s Democratic Union

6. The Democratic Movement for the People of Delwe

7. Bench People’s Democratic Organization

8. The People’s Democratic Party of the Silte

9. Afar People’s Liberation Party

10. Somali Unity Party

11. Freedom for Unity and Justice Party

12. National Renaissance for Peace Development

13. South West Ethiopia People’s Union

14. Gambella Regional Movement


Image: Chairperson of National Electoral Board of Ethiopia Birtukan Mideksa