Govt, Architects Agree to Work on Land Hold Development in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopian government has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Association of Ethiopian Architects to work in partnership for land holding development and growth of the sector.

The partnership agreement was signed virtually between CEO of Land Bank and Development Corporation, Lensa Mekonnen, and Amanuel Teshome, president of the Association, on Friday.

“Forming a collaborative partnership with such associations will enable [us] to easily and effectively utilize the great potential of such associations through aligning the work we do with them in our endeavors to develop land holdings,” said Lensa.

“We will be able to share experiences and tap into the skilled manpower required for the success of our vision,” she added.

Cities of Ethiopia are showing fast urbanization rates either through migration or internal growth.

Consequently, urban planning and design under conditions of rapid and massive growth calls for approaches that streamline quickly to respond to their demand.

According to the agreement, the two sides would co-assess and make a baseline analysis of Addis Ababa City Development related plans, designs and strategies, to conduct international baseline analysis for the development of a Federal Government Office District.

These include analysis of the re-location of the head of state, to co-design Federal Government Office District, among others.

The association “has appreciated the mandate of the Corporation as it will highly contribute to the integrated and holistic development of Urban Space and Facilities in cities”, said Amanuel.

“Through the signing of this MoU, we hope to contribute inputs of our members towards the creation and regeneration of cities that are well suited for the Socio-Economic wellbeing of citizens,“ he added.

Image: CEO of Land Bank and Development Corporation Lensa

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