Eritrean, Libyan among Five COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in Ethiopia today

ADDIS ABABA – The number of coronavirus confirmed cases in Ethiopia has reached 43, after five more cases identified today.

Ethiopian Public Health Institute has tested 59 cases over the past twenty-four cases, and found out five positive coronavirus patients, says the ministry of health.

Eritrean and Libyan citizens are among the new COVID-19 cases, confirms the ministry in a statement issued today.

Except one, the remaining four patients have travel history to Dubai, Canada and Congo. They were in quarantine before they got tested, according to the Ministry.

A 30 years old Ethiopian with no travel history contacted the virus from a previously confirmed case, it added.

The latest cases have brought the number of confirmed cases in Ethiopia to 43, out of the 1843 tests conducted by the public health institute.

Among the total patients, four have recovered fully but are still in isolation for precaution. One patient is still in the intensive care unit while two foreign patients returned to their home country.

Public health officials advised the public to avoid any mass gathering and to apply all precaution measures such as handwashing with soap, maintain physical distancing for at least a meter.

Authorities urged the public to contact them via 8335 or 952 or report to regional toll-free lines if they had contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients.