Ethiopian Police Arrest Alleged Human Trafficking Ringleader

ADDIS ABEBA – A suspected ringleader of human trafficking network who had been and Ethiopian and Interpol’s wanted list was arrested this week, police said on Friday.

Kidane Zekarias Haftemariam was arrested in an undisclosed place in Ethiopia along with other five human traffickers.

In a statement issued on Friday, Ethiopian police commission said the arrest was made during a ten-day joint operation involving federal police, national Intelligence Security Services and many other offices

Kidane was in Interpol and Europol most wanted list for a long time, according to the Police.

He and his associates have been engaged in the smuggling of migrants in collaborations with their agents in Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea in return for large sums of money.

Their network extends from the Horn of Africa all the way to Europe and is carried in a well-organized way, the police’s statement indicates.

The smugglers have been charged with trafficking thousands of undocumented migrants, the majority of whom died on the way to Europe.

The alleged smugglers have also been charged with abduction, rape, arbitrary arrest, corrosive handling and killing of migrants.

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