Employee Turnover at Industrial Parks Remains High

ADDIS ABEBA – Absence of housing and poor payment schemes in major industrial parks have forced over 19,000 employees to leave their jobs in the first half of the current Ethiopian fiscal year, officials said on Wednesday.

Industrial park Development Corporation (IPDC) has created over 33,000 employment opportunities in seven industrial parks across the nation during the period.

However, its deputy CEO, Shiferaw Solomon said that it has become very challenging to retain employees at their jobs.

The high turnover in the parks has become a critical challenge to various manufacturers, he said.

The Corporation said employees are forced to pay at least half of their monthly salaries on housing and, in some cases, have to travel up to 40 kilometers daily.

The deputy director has asked lawmakers to push host cities to make proportional houses available for employees of industrial parks.

Apart from dissatisfied employees, the sector has been facing various kinds of challenges.

Challenges related to electricity, running water, sewerage system and more inside the parks are mentioned in the IPDC’s six-month performance report presented by Shiferaw to the trade and industry affairs standing committee of the parliament.

The report shows the country earned 86 million US dollars from export in seven Industrial parks in the first half of the fiscal year, according to the deputy CEO.


By Sisay Sahlu

[Photo File/Xinhua]

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