Four People Quarantined over Fears of Coronavirus, says Ministry of Health

ADDIS ABEBA – Four suspected cases of coronavirus have been put into isolation at Addis Ababa Bole international airport, minister of health said today.

The ministry has been conducting thermal screening on travelers from Asian countries especially from China since Jan 22.

So far, more than 20, 800 travelers have been screened against Corona Virus at the airport, the ministry said.

And four suspected cases of coronavirus have been identified and put into isolation, Lia Tadesse, state minister of health, told reporters.

Of these, two have not shown any sign but came from areas in China affected by the virus. The other two have shown flu-like symptoms, says the Ministry.

However, officials said there is no confirmed case.

“We have four cases isolated, tested negative for Corona family,” Lia said. “Confirmatory test sent to South Africa”.

Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa expressed gratitude for “our health & airport professionals for acting quickly and safely placing passengers in the isolation center as they receive further testing”.