TPLF Decides Against Merging with Prosperity Party

ADDIS ABEBA – The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has decided not to merge with the prosperity party in an urgent meeting the party held today.

With the exception of TPLF, the three founding members of the EPRDF and its affiliate regional political parties have merged to form the Prosperity Party (PP) last month, replacing the coalition as the ruling party.

The TPLF, that strongly opposed the move, announced it has decided against joining the PP in a statement the party released today.

The decision not to merge was made due to differences in view and direction between prosperity party and TPLF, reported news agency. The party’s relations with the federal government would now be based on the constitution.

Activities outside this would be unacceptable, the statement said adding the party would retake its share in a joint venture of the ruling party of Ethiopia based on country’s law.

Following the dissolution of the EPRDF, he said that the TPLF has decided to establish a strategic relationship with the other federal forces at the forum, coalition, and the frontline.