EU To Help Ethiopia Repatriate 1, 443 Nationals From Tanzania

ADDIS ABEBA – European Union has agreed on Tuesday to support Ethiopia’s effort to repatriate its 1,443 nationals jailed in Tanzanian prisons.

The nationals will be repatriated in partnership with the European Delegation in Tanzania and International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Tanzania Office, Ethiopian envoy in Dar es Salaam announced in a statement.

The announcement came Ambassador of Ethiopia to Tanzania, Yonas Yosef, held discussions with the head of European Delegation Manfredo Fanti and representative of IOM’s Tanzania Office Dr. Qasim Sufi, on the repatriation process.

The embassy’s statement does not mention why the Ethiopians are imprisoned. However, hundreds of Ethiopians are detained annually for illegal entry while using Tanzania as a transit country for their final destination – South Africa.