Expert Requests Govt to Support Dental Health Care

ADDIS ABEBA – A veteran expert in the health sector urged government to give attention to the dental medical pharmacy and offer support to ease the dearth of equipment and equipment in local market.

Dr. Emebet Gezahegn, a dental surgeon with more than 30 years of experience and businesswomen, indicated that there is a “critical shortage of materials” needed by the sector.

Even those available lack the necessary quality and quantity, said Dr. Emebet, the owner of Dr. Emebet Special Higher Dental Clinic.

The absence of dental medical pharmacies, she said, is forcing dental clinics and hospitals to buy expensive equipment both from outside and locally.

She also criticized the quality of medical equipment found in the local market.
“My clinic avoids buying dental equipment from the domestic market, said Emebet. But the sector needs to effectively be managed so that in the country could be able to reduce the dental health burden, she said.

“Products and equipment in the existing markets are poor both in quality and availability. Besides they are very expensive,” the dentist said. “That’s why I say there is no appropriate attention to this sector from concerned government figures”.

Emebet said this while announcing a full dental treatment service for around 120 patients for free.
Those patients were selected during the first international health exhibitions two weeks ago held at Addis Ababa’s millennium hall.

“Despite our pledge to provide free health checkups during the exhibitions,” she said, “it was hard for me to abandon some of them who can’t afford to get the medical service without further treatment”.

The latest free service is part of Dr. Emebet Special Higher Dental Clinic’s social responsibility activities.

Officials of the clinic said the overall treatment could be worth over half a million birr and includes services such as filling, bridges, crowns, root canal treatment or endodontic, scale and polish, dental implants, and others.

By Sisay Sahlu

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