Ethiopia to Limit Secondhand Car Import this FY

ADDIS ABEBA – A draft law that will limit and discourage the import of second-hand cars into Ethiopia will be approved and effective this year, Transport minister said on Wednesday.

Among the major reasons for the ever-increasing car accidents, the age of old vehicles with safety issues is one of the tops.

Minister of Transport said the government wants to limit second-hand cars import in a bid to reduce traffic accidents.

Ethiopia is among the least motorized country on this planet situated at the very bottom of the list of nations in car ownership, possessing close to 975,000 vehicles.

But also, according to the World Health Organization report, over 80 percent of these vehicles fail to meet the safety standards.

An unprecedented number of traffic accidents are taking the lives of people, said Dagmawit Moges, minister of Transport, told staffs and members of parliament on Wednesday.

Dagmawit has indicated the bill “discourage the import of secondhand cars and ban used cars that are more than five years old from their year of production”.

The government will use slapping more tax to discourage the importation of secondhand vehicles.

“The government will take the necessary measures to tackle traffic accidents and create a safer environment,” said Dagmawit.

Government reports claim that over the last ten years, traffic accidents killed over 41, 0000 people, and caused 67,000 and over 64,000 people severe injuries and slight injury, respectively.

Apart from unsafe-and-old cars, factors related to inappropriate behavior of the drivers, lack of harmonized traffic law among regions, and quality of road are said to be the cause of traffic accidents.

By Sisay Sahlu

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