Coca-Cola Launces Non-Sugar Products to Ethiopia

ADDIS ABEBA – The Coca-Cola Company has officially introduced various Coca-Cola non-sugar products to Ethiopian consumers.

Since the product launch in the US, the Coca-Cola Company has conducted a global expansion to launch Coca-Cola Without Sugar™, where the brand is currently being sold in 160 countries worldwide.

On Thursday, the Coca-Cola Company held a memorable launch event in Addis Ababa, in the presence of Coca-Cola representatives and several invited guests.

The Company says it uses innovative technology to develop the new Coca-Cola without Sugar, while maintaining the taste of real Coca-Cola, without sugar.

“What makes Coca-Cola Without Sugar unique is that it has the great taste of Coca-Cola, without sugar. We are proud to launch Coca-Cola without Sugar beverage, as an innovative product of our time, a without sugar product that Coca-Cola fans can enjoy,” Daryl Wilson, Coca-Cola’s Managing Director, said.

In addition, Sprite and Fanta without sugar were also launched in the Coca-Cola without Sugar campaign.

The new Coca-Cola without Sugar™ beverage features a new label design with texts “without sugar” displayed on the bottle to indicate that the new beverage does not contain any sugar.

Under the company’s “One Brand” strategy, Coca-Cola without Sugar will still maintain the single trademark brand to show consumers Coca-Cola’s wide range of products is suitable for everyone.

The launch of Coca-Cola without Sugar portrays the company’s continued investment and efforts to produce new products and provide choices for consumers in the country, looking for products without sugar.

The Coca-Cola brand manager, Tigist Getu stated, “We are confident that Ethiopian consumers will appreciate having the Coca-Cola beverages they love, the taste of classic Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta, without sugar, available in Ethiopia”.

In conjunction with the launch event, the Coca-Cola Company will conduct an integrated multi-media marketing campaign to promote Coca-Cola without Sugar, including product sampling to enable local communities to try the new beverages.