Five Died after Boat Capsized in Abaya Lake

ADDIS ABEBA – At least five people drowned after a boat capsized in Lake Abaya of Southern Ethiopia on Monday, according to police.

The accident occurred at 3 pm on Monday when a motorboat going from Loka to Arba Minch city capsized.

Only one person survived from six people who were on board, said Monaye Mosole, Gamo Zone’s Peace and Security Bureau director. The boat capsized after it has been hit by an unexpected.

The sole survivor of the accident managed to cheat death using a Jeri cane as life jacket and swim to safety, said the director.

Defense force and regional police are now looking for the bodies of the dead together with Arba Minch and its environ police.

Last month, a similar incident left at least five people dead in Oromia regional state when a boat with 12 people on board transporting passengers on a local river capsized.