Addis Ababa Starts Providing Free Meals for 300, 000 Students

ADDIS ABABA – Addis Ababa City Administration has started to provide meals to over 300, 000 students at state-run junior schools in the capital on Monday.

Mayor of Addis Ababa city Takele Uma officially launched the meal program at Bherawi Primary School on Monday.

It is part of efforts to stop students at state-run schools from dropping out of education. In July it was announced that all pupils in 223 primary school of Addis Ababa would be getting free uniforms and free exercise books from October.

Many students at publicly funded primary schools come from low-income families. “This scheme will enhance student’s active learning,” Zelalem Mulatu, deputy of the Addis Ababa City Education Bureau, told media when the program was announced.

“It will also be an incentive for children to come to school as well as an incentive for the parents to send their children to school.”

The initiative has also created job opportunities for 10,000 unemployed parents, who are recruited to cook the meals.

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