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Hub of Africa Addis Fashion Week to Start on Wednesday

ADDIS ABEBA – The ninth edition of Hub of Africa Addis fashion week is set to be held at Addis Abeba’s Hyatt Regency Hotel next week.   

The four–day event, starting from October 9, will include a fashion show, workshop, exhibition as well as a pop up market for bags, clothes and pieces of jewelry. 

The organizers said the Ethiopian traditional clothes and designers will be at the center of the fashion week.

“It will enable us to exchange cultures and designs among countries and help us scale up our creativity in designing,” said Yordanos Abera, a board member of the Fashion Designers Association.

The quality of the designing and products, as well as the number of designers partaking, are increasing each year since the start of Addis fashion week in 2010, Yordanos said.

Designers from various African countries including Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa will show their work during the fashion week.

Hair and makeup designers, cloth designers, bag designers and models are among the participants.

Hub of Africa Addis Fashion Week is an annual event held in Addis Ababa to give a platform to many African talents to showcase their work and promote their brands both regionally and internationally according to organizers. 

This event will help us to promote African products and introduce new fashion to the globe, said Samrawit Mersehazein from Samra leather.

“It is also a good networking event for designers from various African countries,” she said.


By Mhret G/Kristos

Caption: The Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2017 in Addis Ababa. File Photo