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Ethiopia’s Security Agency Foils More than 790 Cyber Attacks

ADDIS ABEBA – Ethiopia has foiled close to 791 cyber-attacks during the 2018/91 fiscal year, which ended July 7.

Officials of Information Network Security Agency (INSA) said key institutions and infrastructure were among the targets of the attacks.

According to the agency, websites are the majority of the cyber-attacks followed by key infrastructure facilities.

The agency was able to prevent the attacks without causing serious damages, said Abrham Gebretsadik, emergency preparedness and response division head at the agency.

Ethiopia is currently on a drive to upgrade its largely traditional basic services infrastructure and government bureaucracy, using cyber technology as a key component.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who was previously head of INSA has since assuming office in April 2018, engaged on an ambitious drive to introduce cyber technology across all public and private sectors.