Cholera Outbreak ‘Under Control’ in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABEBA- The number of people affected by a cholera outbreak has been decreasing throughout the nation, said Ethiopian public health officials on Tuesday.

The deadly disease occurred in Oromia, Amhara, Tigray, Afar regional states as well as the Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa city administrations.

It has taken at least 19 lives since the outbreak started in April 2019.

“The disease is now under control,” said Dr. Beyene Moges, Deputy director of the Ethiopian public health institute.

With the ongoing rains and unchanged underlying risks across the country, the cholera outbreak is far from over.

Close to 30 new cases have been reported over the past two weeks, Beyene said.

The cases were reported from the Oromia region – Borena zonal administration of Moyale district (15cases) and Eastern Harerge zone of Goro Gutu district (14 cases).

Despite decreasing trend of cases, deputy director of the institution advised stakeholders “not to be complacent”.

A national task force has been established under the Ministry of Health and Office of the Mayor of Addis Abeba to prevent and treat the epidemic.

Cholera is an acute epidemic infectious disease and it is characterized by watery diarrhea, extreme loss of fluid and electrolytes, and severe dehydration.

By Sisay Sahlu