Italian Experts to Find ‘Sustainable Solution’ for tilted Axum Obelisk

ADDIS ABEBA – Italian governmental has finally sent its mission of experts to the archaeological site of Axum in northern Ethiopia, its embassy said on Monday.

The experts come to Ethiopia as per the agreement between the Ethiopian authorities and the Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Emanuela Del Re, during her recent visit to in Ethiopia.

“The Italian Government has sent a mission of experts from Italy to the Archaeological site of Axum,” said the embassy in a statement sent to The Daily Monitor.

The experts have already verified the structural situation of the Obelisks.

Axum obelisks, whose history ruins date back to the ancient Kingdom of Aksum, are the pride of Ethiopians and a popular tourist attraction in the nation.

But now, one of them has tilted backwards, raising fears that the obelisk – with 24 meters height and 160 tons weigh – could eventually fall down.

The experts “will identify a sustainable solution for its consolidation and safeguard”, the embassy said.

“Following this mission, the Government of Italy will communicate to the Ethiopian Authorities a technical proposal for an urgent intervention,” it said.

Ethiopian authorities recently revealed that the whole re-installation process may cost 3.9 million Euro and need 11 months of work, but refused to jolt into the process until Ethiopia’s longest rainy season, which will start next month, is over.

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